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3Olympia Theatre presents

Sing-a-Long-a Bohemian Rhapsody

Doors 6:00PM
Price from €20.00
Ticket status Tickets Available
Sing-a-Long-a Bohemian Rhapsody
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3Olympia Theatre are pleased to announce a rescheduled date for Sing-a-long-a Bohemian Rhapsody evening show, on Sunday 3rd April 2022.

All tickets for 26th April 2020, 23rd August 2020 & 31st January 2021 remain valid, no exchange necessary.

After the success of the launch of the fabulous new movie celebrating the music of Queen and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Singalonga Productions, producers of Sing-a-long-a The Greatest Showman brings you their newest show, the smash hit film musical that everyone can’t stop singing – Bohemian Rhapsody!

This unique interactive Sing-a-long-a show rolls into town on Sunday 3rd April 2022, for a 7pm show.

Please note this is a screening of the movie, not a live stage show.

Restoration Levy

The fees for this event include a €1.00 restoration levy. 

The restoration levy will allow 3Olympia Theatre to invest in maintaining and enhancing the theatre to ensure that it continues to consistently deliver the highest quality experience for theatre goers, actors, performers & producers.

Age Restriction

• Suitability for children: Sing-a-long-a Bohemian Rhapsody is rated 12A for "moderate sex references, drug references, infrequent strong language” This means that no one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult.

Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult, Over 18's ID required to gain access to the bars where alcohol is served. 

Sing-A-Long-A’s live host will warm up your voices in true Freddie Mercury style, teach you some iconic dance moves and show you how to use your interactive prop bags.

Then sit back and sing along with the on screen lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Under Pressure” and “Somebody to Love” not forgetting YOU the audience becoming part of their famous Live Aid concert.

We guarantee to have you walking out feeling like the “Champions of the World!”

Cheer on Remi Malek Oscar winning performance as the great Freddie Mercury, relive Queen’s unique Live Aid triumph as you experience Bohemian Rhapsody in the greatest way possible - with lyrics on the screen so you can join in as loud and proud as you want.

And Don’t Stop just there……

A totally different way to enjoy this new smash hit movie – if you’ve not experienced a Sing-a-long-a before – now is the time!

Dress up in your best glam rock glitter; add a moustache and air guitar if you fancy, and away you go on the best night you can have with your friends.  You have full permission to sing and dance your heart out!

“Sing-a-long-a Bohemian Rhapsody is much more than ‘just a film’”, says Ben Freedman, Sing-a-long-a’s creator and producer. ”It’s an event, an interactive celebration of the wonder of Freddie and Queen and probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”

Every performance starts with a Sing-a-long-a host who warms up the audience, trains them how to interact with the movie using the contents of their free props bag and heckle in all the right places as well as judge the fancy dress competition.

Please note, the prop bags which are handed to each member of the audience may contain latex products.

Check out our website at www.singalonga.net

The birth of Sing-a-long-a

The unique, interactive entertainment form known as Sing-a-long-a, meanwhile, was allegedly born in an old people’s home in Inverness. The nurses wanted to involve the residents in an interactive group therapy. They decided to screen Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and gave out song sheets so that everyone could sing-a-long.

The idea was then developed for the Sound of Music for London’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 1999, before opening at the Prince Charles Cinema in August of that year. After an initial eight-show run soon sold out, while attracting huge media attention, and regular shows has been running ever since not only in London but all around the world.