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Show Information

Is there an age restriction at 3Olympia Theatre?

The age restriction of every show is listed on each event page on our website, so make sure you check our What's On section to find out specific info for the performance you are enquiring about.

The majority of shows at 3Olympia Theatre would be all ages, with Under 14's to be accompanied by an adult. Standing tickets are recommended only for those over 16 years of age. Under 18's will not be allowed to gain access to the bars where alcohol is served, ID will be required to get into this area. There are shop facilities for Under 18's to get soft drinks and sweets.

Usually with younger patrons attending popular live standing concerts we would recommend you don't buy tickets for the standing section on the ground floor, but instead purchase seated tickets in either the Circle or the Upper Circle. It's not that this area would be unsafe, however there may be lots of people standing, with adults drinking alcohol out of plastic glasses, so younger patrons might be happier with a better view from the seats upstairs.

From time to time we may have a show that the promoters have deemed might not be suitable for those under the age of 16, but this would be noted on the promoter's advertisements, and on the event details page on our website.

Small children would of course be present for the Christmas panto, Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom etc, which are family friendly events specifically catering for the very young. However most shows at 3Olympia Theatre wouldn't be suitable for those aged 3 or under, due to the nature of the lively & loud productions we host.

Please note, all late shows at 3Olympia (doors open 11pm) would be Over 18's only events. ID will be required to gain access to the venue.

Accepted forms of ID valid up-to-date passports with a recent photo,  EU ID card, driver's licence (provisional/full), or Garda age card. Photocopies will not be accepted. Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

How can I find out what time I should arrive, and show times?

We keep our website updated with show time information as soon as we get it from the show promoters, so check out the event listing on www.3olympia.ie. Your tickets should also give the doors opening time and sometimes the show start time. As a general rule:

Standing shows approximate times
Doors open - 7pm
Support act - 8pm
Main act - 9pm

Seated theatre shows approximate times
Doors open - 7pm
Show starts - 8pm
With a 20 minute interval

*Please note these are approximate times and are not guaranteed. The majority of our shows are at these times, but not all of them, for example there might be two support acts, or none at all. Matinee times vary.

If you want to be sure of final times on the day of the show, check out the specific event page on our website where we try to always list the times as soon as we get them from the production crew. 

Can I use a camera during a show at 3Olympia Theatre?

Please note, cameras are not permitted to be used during fully seated theatre plays or comedy shows.

With regards to photography at the venue for standing concerts/gigs, while technically we do have a No Photography or Video Cameras rule in 3Olympia Theatre and listed on the Ticketmaster tickets, we understand that fans might want a keepsake of a concert.

Usually smaller cameras & camera phones are allowed to be used at gigs if the artists are happy with that, however professional / SLR cameras are not allowed. If you were looking to use a professional/semi-professional camera to take photographs of the band, you would need to have been granted a photo pass by the band or promoter of the show.

It really is up to the discretion of the artists, management & promoter as to whether a camera is being used without causing a distraction. If a patron is approached by our staff or a member of the touring company, and asked to stop taking photos, then this would need to be respected.

Your Visit

Can I get some information on family shows and your facilities?

Each family show event page has a section called Information For Families which will give you specific info on that event, i.e. what age restriction is for kids on laps etc. 

Buggy Access: For family shows like the Christmas panto, Peppa Pig, Bluey etc, where young children will be present, we reserve an area to park buggies for the duration of the show free of charge. Please note, there is very limited space here, if possible it is advisable to leave buggies at home. Ushers will be on hand to assist, however it should be noted that buggies and items in this area are left at the owner's risk. 

Booster Seats: Free booster seats are also available for the little ones from the bars of each floor. A refundable deposit of €10 cash will be required, which you can retrieve after the show when you return the seat to the bar.

Baby Changing Facilities: We have baby changing facilities in the Ladies bathrooms on all levels, and in the Gents bathrooms in the ground floor Stalls level.

Will I be able to bring a bag into the theatre?

There are increased security procedures which include search of all patrons so please ensure you give yourself enough time for entry.

All bags coming into the venue will be subject to a search and any medium/large bags will need to be left in our in-house cloakroom. Small purses/handbags/small backpacks should be fine to remain with our customers but it will be at the discretion of security on the night.

Please note however the cloakroom is only available to those in the Stalls standing area.

Is it possible to get earplugs at a performance if I find it a bit loud?

Yes that is no problem, if you make this request to a member of staff they will ensure a Manager gives you a pair of earplugs free of charge. All bars stock complimentary earplugs, so please don't hesitate to ask.

I have an issue while in the theatre, can someone help me on the night?

We have a Duty Manager working at the theatre at every show, and they are present at all times to ensure that every patron in the theatre has a pleasant and comfortable evening, and leaves happy after an enjoyable night. Please feel free to approach a member of staff and request to speak to a Manager, they will do everything they can to assist you.

Do you have a cloakroom I can store my coat or other items in?

We have a cloakroom available for use for those in the Stalls standing area of a concert. Those with seated tickets can keep their items at their seat. The cost is €2.50 per item.

Please note it is a condition of entry and for the safety of our patrons that, if requested by our staff, you will present any bags, suitcases or containers for inspection.

How can I get a wristband into the front pit area for a standing show?

For standing shows, we have an area in the Stalls level in front of the stage called the pit, it is a sectioned-off space at the front of the auditorium which gives a great view of the artists.

For some standing concerts, wristbands/pit passes are usually allocated to a limited number of Stalls standing ticketholders on a first-come-first-serve basis on the night of the show. We would recommend to be in with a chance to get a wristband that you arrive early on the night around doors opening time (usually 7pm), as those who are first into the Stalls standing area when the doors open could get lucky and be given a wristband. Please note however, we cannot guarantee you will be given a wristband.

What items are prohibited?

Bottles, Cans, Selfie Sticks, Umbrellas, iPads/Tablets, Video Cameras, Professional Cameras (lens 35mm or more), Audio Recording Devices, Go-Pro, Large Posters (A3+), Large Flags on poles, Belt Chains, Laser pointers, anything that may be deemed as a weapon.

Can I bring my baby/young child to a show in 3Olympia Theatre?

Small children would of course be present for the Christmas panto, Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom etc, which are family friendly events specifically catering for the very young. However most shows at 3Olympia Theatre wouldn't be suitable for those aged 3 or under, due to the nature of the lively & loud productions we host.

If you have a specific query about a show, please contact info@3olympia.ie and we will clarify for you.


How to avoid ticket scammers

Ticketmaster is the only authorised ticket seller for shows at 3Olympia Theatre. 

Be aware of bogus ticket sellers and tour operators. Please DO NOT buy tickets from unofficial sources including third party websites, or social media commenters, as these tickets will not grant you access, and we would hate for you to miss out!

3Olympia Theatre only accepts tickets in original Ticketmaster format, including through their website/app. Screen shots, pictures of tickets or printed PDF's will not be accepted.

I’d like to find out more about your seating plan, where can I find further info?

You can find all info about our layout for fully seating and partially standing shows in the Your Visit section of our website here.

What is a Ticketmaster booking fee and what is a Ticketmaster service charge?

We rent out the theatre to various promoters who put on their shows here, they look after all aspects of production including ticketing. Ticketmaster Ireland are the ticket agents for all shows at 3Olympia Theatre.

The quoted price of a ticket at 3Olympia Theatre already includes the booking fee, which is a percentage that Ticketmaster take off the promoter (for example MCD) for each ticket.

In order to run their operations, Ticketmaster charge customers a Service Charge which is applicable after the ticket price. This occurs when you book on phone, or online, or via most outlets. You can find a description below of what this charge consists of, which is downloaded from Ticketmaster's website.

Please note, the Ticketmaster box office at 3Olympia Theatre do not charge a Service Charge to book tickets over the counter (we cannot take bookings over the phone), so if you would like to buy the tickets for exact prices above please feel free to drop into our Box Office at 72 Dame Street and we can look after you there. 

You can find more information about fees on Ticketmaster's website here

I would like to book a box for a show at 3Olympia Theatre, is this possible?

It is not possible to buy tickets for the boxes at 3Olympia Theatre, they are for the use of the guests of the artists, promoter & crew only.

If I call into Ticketmaster at 3Olympia Box Office to buy tickets, will I have to pay any additional charges?

There are no service charges when you book in person at the Ticketmaster outlet in 3Olympia Box Office at 73 Dame Street, Dublin 2.  You can pay over the counter, the cost of the ticket is all you will need to pay.

Only card payments are accepted at Box Office. 

Please note, there are no phone lines available to make bookings over the phone. Walk-up, counter sales only. 

For more box office details including opening hours, see here.

What is the 3Olympia Theatre Restoration Levy?

The fees for events at 3Olympia Theatre include a €1.50 restoration levy. The restoration levy allows the 3Olympia Theatre to invest in maintaining and enhancing the theatre to ensure that it continues to consistently deliver the highest quality experience for theatre goers, actors, performers & producers. We have already beautifully renovated our 4 bars, installed brand new luxury seats in the Stalls, and there are alot more works & plans currently underway. We appreciate your ongoing support for 3Olympia Theatre.

Anti Ticket Tout Information

Spare Tickets

If you have a spare ticket, please use Ticketmaster's Fan-to-Fan Resale Ticket Exchange to sell it to another fan.

Do not sell it on an auction site or to sell to a ticket tout or on-line agency. This just perpetuates the problem.

What To Do If You Have Purchased A Suspect Ticket

If you feel you have been the victim of a ticketing scam:

Contact your credit card issuer as soon as possible.

If you believe a criminal offence has taken place, contact An Garda Síochána.

If you are not sure that a criminal offence has taken place, then ask advice first from your card issuer or The Competition & Consumer Protection Commission.

How To Purchase Tickets Safely

The best way to avoid obtaining a suspect ticket to a show in 3Olympia Theatre is to only buy from our authorised seller, Ticketmaster. 3Olympia Theatre are not responsible for any purchases made through unauthorised sources and will not be in a position to grant entry to any persons with a bogus ticket purchased through a third party.

To be as safe as you can and to avoid obtaining a suspect ticket, follow these simple guidelines:

Do not buy from an unofficial ticket agent – The only authorised ticket agent for 3Olympia Theatre is Ticketmaster.

Do not buy from internet auction sites.

Do not buy from social media sites.

Do not buy a ticket online without seeing its face value.

Do not pay more than the authorised standard booking fee per ticket. These are displayed on Ticketmaster.

If you live in Ireland do not buy from a website with an overseas office address or with no registered address shown.

Do not buy from another individual or tout, either in advance in your hometown, or outside the event.


Ticketmaster AAR number

Ticketmaster now have their Accessible Tickets Online Verification, which helps process accessible tickets safely & easily. See here for more info

In order to apply for accessible accommodations at one of our shows, you will require a Ticketmaster AAR number. If you do not have one of these yet, you can register for it via their website, so you have it to hand for any future requests: TICKETMASTER ACCESSIBLE DATABASE REGISTRATION.

Registration is not an immediate response process, so advance action is recommended. 

Once you have verified your accessible requirement with Ticketmaster’s team, they will issue you your AAR number. This is the number that can be required to process your accessible request. Please do not send us any medical proofs directly. Verification of accessible requirements should be handled via Ticketmaster’s accessible team only.

I have an accessibility request, how can I get your assistance with my booking and during my visit to 3Olympia Theatre?

3Olympia Theatre is committed to providing superior service to all patrons and takes every measure to accommodate each person who wants to visit us. You can find all information on our accessible facilities & services on our website here. 

Location & Nearby Facilities

How do I get to 3Olympia Theatre?

Check out our How To Find Us page, we won't steer you wrong! 

Could you recommend a hotel nearby to stay, or a restaurant to get a bite to eat before the show?

There are plenty of great options close to the theatre, check out our Recommend Hotels & Recommended Restaurants sections for our favourites.


Tips and Gratuities Notice

In compliance with section 4E of the Payment of Wages Act 1991 (as inserted by section 3 of the Payment of Wages (Tips and Gratuities) Act 2022)

Tips and Gratuities
All tips and gratuities go directly to employees/agency employees. All tips/gratuities are kept by the employee/agency employees who directly serve the customer, providing the tip/gratuity. If a customer requests to share a tip amongst a group of employees/agency employees, this will be shared amongst the employees/agency employees as specified by the customer.

Service Charges
We do not currently operate a service charge. 

Mandatory Charges
We do not currently operate any mandatroy charges. 

Tips and Gratuities paid by an electronic mode of payment.
We do not facilitate the payment of tips through any electronic mode of payment.

My band would like to play 3Olympia Theatre, how can I make this happen?

We rent out our theatre to various promoters who put on their shows here, we do not choose the support acts, artists or productions ourselves. 

If you want to enquire about hiring 3Olympia Theatre for your band to play, please check out the Venue Rental section here.

I would like to work at 3Olympia Theatre, how would I go about this?

For more information please click on our Jobs section here.

I would like to get complimentary tickets for a 3Olympia show donated for a charity I am working with, is this possible?

We support & donate to a number of Irish charities and institutions every year who we deal with directly, our allocation goes to them. Unfortunately due to a high volume of requests, we can't look after every charity, although we wish we could... Sorry about that.

I want to get a Meet & Greet for my favourite act who are playing 3Olympia Theatre, is this possible?

As we rent out the theatre to various promoters who put on the shows here, it is the promoter & the artist’s production crew who manage the acts on the day, we have nothing to do with artist liaison. Sorry we cannot help with Meet & Greets. 

I have seen a photo on the 3Olympia walls, website or social media that I would love to buy, can you help?

3Olympia Theatre are delighted to exhibit an extensive number of photographs of 3Olympia shows, taken by some of Ireland's greatest live event photographers such as....

Dara Munnis, Aaron Corr, Steve Dempsey, Paulo Nuno Goncalves, Laura Horgan, Will Whitehead, Zyanya Lorenzo, Ben Ryan, Eamonn Smyth, Ray Keogh, Anamaria Meiu, Danni Fro, Kal Akka, Pedro Giaquinto, Ruth Medjber, Tom Flynn, James Murray, David Barry, Kyran O'Brien, James Goulden, Jamie Tanner, Peter Neill, Mark Duggan, Alessio Michellini & more...

They keep our website & social media alive & illuminated with amazing shots, as well as the walls of both the public & backstage areas of the theatre.

If you would like to own a copy of any of the photographs you've seen, or want any more information about the photographers, you can drop us an email on info@3olympia.ie and we will forward your enquiry onto the photographer directly.

The photographs of 3Olympia Theatre interior used to illustrate this website were taken by Dara MunnisRafael Photography & Frazer Ashford

I have lost an item while in 3Olympia Theatre, how can I contact you to see if it has been found?

You can contact our management office Monday to Friday and we will get our Lost Property Manager to have a look for you, our phone number is 01 672 5883 and email is info@3olympia.ie