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Accessibility Information

Accessibility Information
3Olympia Theatre is committed to providing superior service to all patrons and takes every measure to accommodate each person who wants to visit us.
We pride ourselves on ensuring that all patrons of the venue are treated with respect and equality, and have an enjoyable & comfortable experience while in the theatre.

3Olympia Theatre is listed as a protected structure.  Accordingly, some amenities found in newly constructed venues may not available in the theatre and/or lobby spaces. We are especially sensitive to the needs of patrons who may need extra assistance, and provide this information so all patrons may avail themselves of the services of the theatre.

We have a Duty Manager available at all shows to look after patrons who need assistance in any way. Please feel free to ask a staff member for the Duty Manager when you arrive, and they will ensure you are looked after. When you arrive, they can bring you in via the accessible door if you need it, show you to your seats or assigned area, explain the facilities along with the health & safety and emergency procedures. If required we can organise interval drinks on your request, and also answer any questions you might have.

Accessible bookings:
To book wheelchair & other accessible tickets, you can now do this for 3Olympia Theatre shows via Ticketmaster's website. For more information see their website here

Ticketmaster AAR number:
Ticketmaster now have their Accessible Tickets Online Verification, which helps process accessible tickets safely & easily. See here for more info

In order to apply for accessible accommodations at one of our shows, you will require a Ticketmaster AAR number. If you do not have one of these yet, you can register for it via their website, so you have it to hand for any future requests: TICKETMASTER ACCESSIBLE DATABASE REGISTRATION.

Registration is not an immediate response process, so advance action is recommended. 

Once you have verified your accessible requirement with Ticketmaster’s team, they will issue you your AAR number. This is the number that can be required to process your accessible request. Please do not send us any medical proofs directly. Verification of accessible requirements should be handled via Ticketmaster’s accessible team only.

Wheelchair Access:

Please note, in 2016 we completely renovated the Stalls ground floor area of the theatre, including brand new seating with a vastly improved design, extra comfort, and legroom, plus we have allocated superior positions to accommodate patrons in wheelchairs. 

The ground floor Stalls level of 3Olympia Theatre is fully accessible. After making your booking through Ticketmaster, our Duty Manager can meet you upon arrival for the show, bring you through the accessible entrance and to your reserved area, point out the nearest accessible facilities, and ensure you & your companions are looked after throughout the night.

Please note, the ground floor Stalls area is the only wheelchair accessible floor in 3Olympia Theatre, as due to our protected structure status we are not permitted to install a lift between the 3 levels of the theatre. So please ensure you do not book Circle or Upper Circle tickets directly via Ticketmaster as we will not be able to accommodate you there. If you have already booked on those levels, please contact us at accessibility@3olympia.ie

Accessibility queries:
If you have any queries in advance of your visit, you can contact us on accessibility@3olympia.ieIf you have an additional accommodation request (e.g. wheelchair area requirement, medical needs, hearing or sighting impairment etc) please feel free to discuss with us and our staff will do everything we can to help. 

Accessible Parking: Dublin City Council facilitates accessible parking in the city for those with a Disabled Person's Parking Permit. You can find them listed on their website here. The nearest accessible parking spots currently available are in two areas nearby are:
1.) behind 3Olympia Theatre on East Essex Street in Temple Bar, the street parallel to Dame Street, beside the Dollard building & The Clarence Hotel.
2.) On Castle Street which is across and up from 3Olympia Theatre, if you are coming from Dame St towards Lord Edward Street, turn left at City Hall.

Assistant Dogs: All trained assistance dogs are welcome in 3Olympia Theatre.

Extra assistance:
If you or a guest of the theatre has a condition that you feel might affect your experience while in the theatre, for example, photosensitive epilepsy, diabetes, autism, hearing or sight impairment, learning disability etc, our staff are only too glad to help and ensure you are happy & safe so that you enjoy the show. Please feel free to ask questions in advance of your arrival, or ask to speak to a manager while in the theatre so that they can assist you if necessary. We have trained first aiders or medics on hand for every show.

Information for families:

Pram Access: For family shows like the Christmas panto, Peppa Pig etc, where young children will be present, we reserve an area to park prams for the duration of the show free of charge. Our usher staff will be on hand to assist & ensure these items are looked after.

Booster Seats: Free booster seats are also available for the little ones during family shows from the bars of each floor, a refundable deposit of €10 will be required which you can retrieve after the show when you return the seat to the bar.

Baby Changing Facilities: We have baby changing facilities during family shows in the Ladies bathrooms on all levels, and in the Gents bathrooms in the ground floor Stalls level.